High Performance, In‑Memory Chatbot Platform

Build multiple Chatbots with NLP, Behavior Rules, API Connector, Templating

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E.D.D.I in a Nutshell

    Enterprise-Ready Chatbot Platform
    for creating, running and maintaining customizable chatbots
    Scales Out
    very well due to resource-oriented design & RESTful architecture
    NLP Parser
    for matching user inputs as words and phrases even in case of spelling mistakes or missing spaces between words
    Behavior Rules
    for making decisions with predefined and custom conditions
    Conversation Memory
    for storing context information between user interactions in order to make better conversation decisions
    Extension Oriented
    with a loosely coupled plugin system that allows the integration of new algorithms and communication to other systems
    Modular Bot Configurations
    for sharing bot knowledge across bots in order to reuse components and thus speed up further developments
    Versioned Configurations
    track changes of all of your configurations. Use different versions of your configurations in different bots, to allow multiple bots with shared knowledge
    Developed as Microservices, Restful by Design
    we don't need to comment on that, do we...? ;-)

Build with industry proven technologies

How can E.D.D.I be helpful to me?

  • Well thought through Conversation Lifecycle
    that is yet flexible enough to implement other (data) APIs and plug them in
  • The source code is fully available and free to use under the ASL 2.0 Licence
  • If you don’t want to rely on cloud services to run your Chatbots, E.D.D.I can be easily deployed on premise via Docker or Standalone

Technology Partners

DIFFER.CHAT Google Cloud Amazon Web Services Red Hat

Grown Up

10 years of engineering
4 development iterations from scratch
23k lines of code