E.D.D.I Features

Create your own enterprise-ready chatbot with a wide range of features such as

In-Memory-NLP, Behaviour Rules for decisions, API-Connector und Templating

Avoiding errors through NLP

Use of NLP Parser for matching user inputs as words and phrases even in case of spelling mistakes or missing spaces between words.

Behaviour Rules for decisions

Behavioral rules are used for making decisions with predefined and user-defined conditions. They are built very flexibly to cover almost all use cases.

Scalability & Easy connection

Easy scalable through resource-oriented design & RESTful architecture which makes integration of existing web services easy and intuitive for developers. (API-Connector)

Conversation Memory

Storing contextual information between user interactions enables smart-decision making in conversations with users.

Tracking changes

Track all changes made to all configurations and use different versions of your configurations in different bots to allow multiple bots with shared knowledge.

Modular Bot Configuration

Share bot knowledge across bots with Modular Bot Configuration to reuse components to accelerate further development.


Dynamically composed output from bots for the ease to quickly build your own custom templates

Full Bi-Directional GIT Sync

Init, commit, push and pull a Chabot to a GIT repository of your choice


The loosely coupled plugin system, makes it possible to integrate new algorithms and communicate with other systems.

E.D.D.I for developers by developers


Scalable open source chatbot platform. Developed in Java, deployed with Docker, orchestrated with Kubernetes or Openshift.


Contribute on GitHub to continuously improve E.D.D.I. Become a member of the EDDI community and benefit from the creativity of a true open source software.

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